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Y Type Strainer

We are one of the most reputed designers, manufacturers and Supplier offering an exceptional Y-Strainers, Water Y Strainer,Hot Liquid Y Strainer and Y Filter Strainer, which are often used for applications with water, steam, oil or fuel. However, these products are more suitable for higher viscosities and other media too. We design, manufacture and supply a simple and an effective product that guarantees to a general use construction. 

 Simplest kind of strainers can be used in pipe fitting and this is available as Screwed, BW, and SW & Flanged construction. We also offer Forged, Cast and fabricated construction. Our company supplies Basket Area to pipeline C. S. A ratio of 2.5:1 in casted construction according to requirement of fabricated construction. These products are made-up of high quality raw materials, which offer maximum satisfactory output to the clients. Our Hot Liquid Y Strainers are reliable, durable and accessible at highly reasonable rates.

Basket Type Strainer:
We are a leading company engaged in supplying of the best quality Basket/Simplex/POT Type Strainer, Basket Type Strainers, Basket Filter Strainers, Liquid Basket Strainers and Multi Basket Strainers. These Basket Type Strainers are used where flow can be interrupted for cleaning filter elements.

Doom end cover is mounted at the top of Filter so that there is no spillage as fluid level goes down on removal of cover. Basket area to pipe C.S.A ratio over 25:1 can be given in fabricated construction. We offer Multi Basket/Cartridge Filters in fabricated construction for high filtration ratio that can be supplied for very large filtration area. Our company manufactures and supplies Stream Flow Design available in casted and fabricated construction, which reduces the pressure losses.

Duplex Type Strainers:
We are one of the highly established designers,manufacturers and suppliers of Duplex Type Strainers, Duplex Basket Strainer, Duplex Filters Strainer and Hayward Duplex Strainer, which are used wherever continuous operation is required and flow not is interrupted for cleaning of filter element. It consists of two filtration chambers, each rated for 100% capacity connected in parallel by means of 3 way ball valve. Diversion of fluid flows without interruption of flow with manual change over valve or automatically operated. Its higher flow rates handled by disc type change over system possess large filtration area for raw water/sea water, etc.

It can be fabricated in casting/fabrication as per requirement and can also be available with steam jacketing for fluid like (L.D.O./H.F.O./Bitumen, etc.). We offer a wide range of Duplex Types Strainer filtration from 2 micron to 500 microns.

Tee Type Strainers:
We are supplier of Tee Type Strainers, Steel Tee Strainers, and Vertical Tee Strainers. These Pipe Tee Strainers and Horizontal Tee Strainers offer several advantages over other Strainer Designs. Our Strainers are highly compact and applicable, where space is restricted. Unlike most other strainers, Tee Type Strainers are ideal to use in either vertical or horizontal installations.

A real time saving feature of the our Tee type Strainers is that, this Strainer screen can be cleaned without draining the strainer vessel.

Conical Strainers:
Our Company designs, manufactures and supplies Excellent Temporary Strainers or Conical Strainers, Conical Filter Strainers and Steel Conical Strainers, which are mounted between two flanges as permanent protection of pipelines and plants. We design and develop world-class stainless steel Conical Strainers in fully welded design.

They are made from perforated plate or perforated plate with fabric filter medium related to the filter rate. The compact design of Strainers guarantees a minimal space requirement. These Temporary Strainers are often applied when a new plant is put into operation or by repairs of existing plants. We offer these products at highly customized prices.