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Digital Control Valve

Multi Stage Set-Stop Valve F-2113-40R (Y-Pattern), F-113-40R (Globe)This is an electrically actuated, hydraulically operated multi-function control valve.Used extensively in loading terminal automation systems in refineries and storage tanks of petroleum products for effective and accurate filling of tankers and railway wagons.  

 It has two solenoid valves, receiving signal from batch controllers to position the valve for low flow/medium flow / high flow conditions as programmed.Size : 25NB - 400NB

Pneumatic Control Valve:
The Globe type Control valves are available for any control application. Built to take the punishment imparted by many processes, including extreme pressure drops, the valve is backed by the most respected name in the valve industry.

Standard Models
70-29-1 (Single Seated, Globe, Unbalanced Design) Top guided :Most widely used valve, for all major Fluids, Working conditions & Applications. Very easy to maintain.
70-28-2 (Single Seated, Globe, Balanced Design) Cage Guided :Excellent valve for Liquid, Air & Clean Gases. Has very high stability and better response.
70-14-2 (Single Seated, Globe) Top & Bottom guided :Suitable for High working pressure & High pressure Drop.
70-11-2 (Double Seated Globe) Top & Bottom guided :Used for High Flow Capacity (Cv Value) & High Pressure Differential such as Boiler feed Water, etc.
70-15-3 (3 Way Mixing & Diverting) Skirt & Top Guided :Used for Thermic Fluid, Steam, Cooling Water, etc. where excess amount of fluid has to be by-passed.

  • All models available with Direct and Reverse Acting Actuators
  • Standard accessories such as Pneumatic Positioners, Electro/Pneumatic Positioners, Manual Override etc. are available

Motorised Control Valve:
Compact Model Electrical Actuator directly mounted on Control Valve. Features available are inbuilt positioners, position transmitters, limit Switches, potentiometer, hand wheel assembly, weather proof / explosion proof enclosure, etc. Actuators available for Single phase / Three-phase current supply

Safety Relief Valve: SVE-520:
Similar to SVC-500, but with closed Bonnet & Closed Cap. Also available with Packed Lever, Bellow Seated and Soft Seat for critical services. Valve size, orifice and rating same as SVC-500.

Thermal Relief Valve: T-110:
Extensively used in large Pipe Lines, Small Reactors/Vessels to release pressure Generated by thermal expansion.

Pneumatic Actuated Ball Valve :Ball valves designed and manufactured conforming to BS 5351. These Valves are available in Single piece, Two-piece and Three-piece construction. Also available Fire Safe Design Ball Valves as per API 607 standard, with Fire Safe Approval. Valve supplied complete with appropriate size of single Acting / Double Acting Rack & Pinion type actuator with all standard accessories such as positioner, Sol. Valve, Electro / Pneumatic Positioner, Limit Switches etc. Also available with single phase, Electric Actuators.

Small Sized Flanged End Relief Valve :Ideal for Pipe Line and Small Reactors in Pharma Industries.

Pressure Reducing Valve - Steam Service :Self Acting, Pilot & Piston operated Pressure Reducing Valves are most popular for pressure reduction of STEAM in all types of Industries. The Valve operates on Spring Balance principle.
The Downstream pressure is sensed below stainless steel diaphragm which is balanced by the spring tension. Increasing spring tension, increases outlet pressure and vice versa. The Valve has additional external Sense Line provision also, which improves performance and accuracy of outlet pressure.

Pressure Reducing Station for Steam(with IBR approval and certification) :Complete assembled unit of pressure reducing station, sized and selected based on Customer's requirement of Flow Rate, Pressure, Temperature, etc. PRV is of Self Regulating type Model PRV 1001, generally for low-pressure duty. Recommended PRV for high-pressure duty and higher turn down ratio (up to 40:1) is Robotrol operated Control Valve - Model: RB 70142.